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What's New at MHS?

 Maysville Jr./Sr. High School 

At the time of Registration, you may pay your child’s Activity Fee, which is $25. This provides students admission to all home events and dances except MSHSAA playoff contests. Students participating in extra-curricular activities are required to pay this fee. 

If your child has paid a Chromebook Fee and did not have a breakage during the last school year, you will NOT pay a fee this year. Only new students to the District and students with a breakage the previous year will need to pay the $25 Chromebook Fee. 

Again thank you for your patience as we continue to work through unprecedented times. We are looking forward to seeing and working with you children this year. If you have questions, please call the office at 816-449-2154 or email [email protected].

History of Maysville High School

Maysville High School has been in existence for more than 100 years. The first graduating class was in the year of 1890. This appears to have been a two-year high school. In 1892, a three-year course was offered; eight students graduated. The first group to graduate from the four-year course was in 1904 when five students graduated. As universal high school education became more popular, the classes increased in size until in 1913, there were twenty graduates, twenty-seven in 1921, forty-two in 1932, forty-four in 1933, fifty in 1940, fifty-seven in 1941, thirty-six in 1957, sixty-six in 1967, seventy-two in 1973, sixty-one in 1984, and forty-nine in 1998. There have been 4,630 graduates from 1890-2017.

Numerous pupils have received their diplomas from Maysville High School and have gone forth to take their places in society. Some of these settled in this community, others throughout the various states, and some in foreign nations. Their contribution to society as a citizen has depended, and will continue to depend, upon habits they formed while a student in this school. Your contacts with your fellow man today offer an opportunity to develop your qualities of good citizenship.

Remember that your high school record can count for or against you. Be sure that the record you make will help you in later life.